Happy Birthday Lee Jong Suk ♥ Sept. 14, 1989 

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"but yuri does get development" i whisper as i wonder how many times the same confessions can be posted with different wording

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i forgot how much i like making gifs because i’m usually just too damn lazy to put in the effort.

and now i want to make a bunch even though i have a million other things i should be doing…

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Some hilarious and punny posts.

Robin the bank 




a roadtrip where you get to see all the friends youve made online

what about your friends overseas?


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Lee Jong Suk for Nylon (Oct 2014) - Part 2


Translator: hitoritabi
Translation note: Part 1. So long and I’m still sick… Running a high fever now and Nylon is not helping. :P

Nylon: When you get interested in an actor, it’s usually because something they do catches your eye. I wonder if you have once liked an actor to an extent that your eyes couldn’t pull away?

Jongsuk: I was Kang Dong Won’s fan since before debut. Although you don’t really use the word ‘elegant’ to describe men, for him, there’s nothing more appropriate. His character’s nickname in ‘Duelist’ is also ‘Sad Eyes’… I’ve really watched every single project by him.

Nylon: On the flip side, what do you think of your own face?

Jongsuk: Just looking at my face, it’s probably not the type that can be in a wide variety of roles. (T/N: I disagree.) Since I’m still in my 20s, I would still hear people saying that I am ‘good-looking’ or ‘handsome’, but once I reach my 30s, would I reach some limitations because of my face?

Nylon: If we talk about actor Lee Jong Suk in his 30s, what kind of image would you have?

Jongsuk: For a period of time, I was mentally forcing myself to become very manly — if you think of ‘manliness’ in a rather superficial way, it’s all wild aura, tanned and rough skin, thick beard… but I’ve changed my thinking now. The type of man who can stand next to his girlfriend when she is sad and allow her to rely on him [can also be called manly]. Right now, I still have the strong aura of a young man. Who knows what will happen in the future? I’m not going to worry too much about it for the moment.

Nylon: You are growing up well right now, you have to agree.

Jongsuk: In ‘School 2013’, there is a poem by Do Joong-hwan, called ‘Where is the flower that blooms without shaking’. That line hits straight into people’s hearts. Even when our bodies have stopped growing as adults, we can still grow as long as we feel it in our hearts. I use this phrase very often so even fans write in their letters to me, “You’re growing up well”. (T/N: I did… ;___;)

Nylon: But before that, you must have had moments which are less well-accomplished. Any images you want to have destroyed?

Jongsuk: So many! I debuted through ‘Prosecutor Princess’, so there are many things to improve on back then…. but that’s still okay, since it is a part of my growth process. However, the ones I find most difficult to deal with is when I stand in front of the camera in a private capacity. Whenever I have to record something as Lee Jong Suk, and not a character I play, then I would feel quite awkward.

We often have to record some messages for other people or companies to congratulate them or something; whenever it comes to words like those, I become quite embarrassed.

Nylon: Outside of your TV characters, what kind of person is Lee Jong Suk that he makes you so embarrassed?

Jongsuk: If I have to sum it up with one word, I would say that I am a ‘lethargic’ person. Haha. If there’s no schedules that day, then I’d just stay at home. And even at home, my movement patterm is only between the bathroom, kitchen and my bed. Since I love watching TV, I bought a huge one to put in my room. It’s almost never turned off. I just watch TV and eat in my bed.

Nylon: You got a motorcycle license for ‘Doctor Stranger’. Do you go drive around?

Jongsuk: I actually got a new car late last year, but it’s still ‘new’ now. There’s probably not even 500km on there. One year later, it’s still  got that ‘new car’ smell in it… Ah, this happened when I still had my old car but you know how you have to start up the engine every once in a while even if you don’t drive often? So I got onto the car with my friend, but only found out there was a spider web in the middle of our drive. We almost got in a car accident because there was a HUGE spider on the web. It’s really, hahahahaha.

Nylon: It’s like the kind of story you watch on a ‘Believe it or not!’ tv series. But is it true that you don’t go anywhere else besides the filmset and home?

Jongsuk: I often see actors go out  to have fun during their off days, but it seems so exhausting to me… of course, time spent at home is time spent doing nothing, just eating and spacing out then it’s suddenly two hours gone already. It’s like that after this drama, I’ve been spending time this way, almost like I was living in a different dimension.

Nylon: Is it because you’ve exhausted all your energy on the emotional journey of your characters?

Jongsuk: Yeah, it’s like that after every project. This is my fifth year as an actor but I was in five projects last year. Then I’ve got ‘Doctor Stranger’ this year… doing a lot of projects helps me gain a lot of experience, but at the same time, I would worry that I’d age prematurely on an emotional level. What if the public begins to lose interest in me? So I have to work even harder for every upcoming project.

Nylon: Don’t you want to act as a bright and happy character at least once?

Jongsuk: Basically, my image is already inseparable from melancholy. You know how goosebumps arise on the back of your neck at a chilling breeze? That feeling of your hairs standing on end… my emotions reach a climax at those times and I find myself slipping into those emotions most easily. Hmm, like how you find yourself getting sentimental at 2am.

Nylon: If we look back, your melancholy seems to have started around ‘School 2013’, even your single-act drama ‘When I am the Prettiest’ involved you in a very difficult relationship.

Jongsuk: I seem to be trapped in love for every drama I am in. That drama was filmed while I was in a very difficult psychological state, which made it even more stressful for me. After filming a long-running sitcom, I was working as an MC for Inkigayo, but since my MC skills were very immature, I got criticized a lot. At that point, all I wanted to do was act but it seems no one recognized my identity as an actor. Since I really wanted to be in a drama, I put a lot of effort into ‘When I am the Prettiest’. As it turned out, I met the writer for ‘School 2013’ through that, so when I look back, I realize it was a crucial learning period for me.

Nylon: So you still go back to monitor your acting in previous projects, even after they’re over?

Jongsuk: Yep, all of them except ‘Princess Prosecutor’. (laughs) A few days ago, I rewatched episode 5 and 6  of ‘School 2013’. Everytime I rewatch my old acting, I can’t help but have some regrets. Since ‘IHYV’ and ‘No Breathing’ were filmed at the same time, I couldn’t make the two characters different enough. No matter how rushed I was for time, I mjst take responsibility for my acting choices. I really feel apologetic for my lack of acting skill at that point.

Nylon: Will this regret affect your upcoming works?

Jongsuk: Through ‘Doctor Stranger’, I completely changed my way of  thinking. Before, I would think that the actor Lee Jong Suk is only in charge of his own character and that’s it. That is a very narrow way of thinking. In a project, there is much more which surrounds the character, like the main storyline and etc… I missed out on that.  If I had this understanding before, I could have contributed better to the project.

Nylon: So our conversation comes back to ‘Doctor Stranger’.

Jongsuk: I actually received a text mesage from Jin Hyuk PD earlier today. He said that ‘Doctor Stranger’ is the most popular drama from SBS in the first half of this year, so he received a bonus. (T/N: omg really ORZ) He is the person who  gave me my drama debut, our second collaboration has a lot meaning to me. It’s also a project who made me think in ways I haven’t before, so it’s inevitable that I keep talking about it.

Nylon: So will we see you in another project soon?

Jongsuk: Of course! I’ve been missing the ‘I Hear Your Voice’ crew and its warm on-set atmosphere. I’ll be able to meet the writer and director in this new project! I think by working with them, I can overcome my current state of insecurity.

Nylon: Are you heading home directly after this?

Jongsuk: I’m so exhausted right now that I was going to just drop to the floor and sleep, but since I have all this body paint (from the photoshoot) on, I’ll have to shower first. Currently thinking if I want to finish watching the final episode of ‘Sherlock’ before going to sleep. (laughs)


Watching movies in bed, deciding to watch another episode of drama before sleeping… he is us. *__*

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Lee Jong Suk for NYLON, Oct 2014. (x)
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ponders not being a lazy shit and making some gifs for the first time in a while…

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